Les 7 jolies recrues de Sports Illustrated

Les 7 jolies recrues de Sports Illustrated

Les recrues du «Swimsuit Issue 2017»Photos Sports Illustrated

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Le magazine américain Sports Illustrated a levé le voile sur son édition spéciale maillots de bain - Swimsuit Issue 2017. Voici les sept recrues qui font leur apparition pour la première fois dans SI:

D'abord, en vidéo:

Bianca Balti (Italie)

Myla Dalbesio (Pennsylvanie)

I wrote an essay for Sports Illustrated on reconciling my feminism with being a swimsuit model. It was completed before the election, but feels even more relevant to me now. In the current climate we need to fight to continue to do what we love and be who we love, and not be shamed into backing down. The link to the essay is in my bio. Here is an excerpt: -- "It’s hard to hear someone say that I am being objectified by participating in things like the Swimsuit issue. It feels insulting, implying that I am somehow being taken advantage of, that I am not empowered in my own decisions. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I embrace my body and celebrate it, and for me that is what this issue represents. When I strip down and roll around in the sand, I’m not doing it for men, I’m doing it for me. I’m doing it because I worked for a decade to get here, went through countless trials and tribulations over my body image, and now I am proud to represent women my size. I am proud to show that you can be strong, smart, and sexy. I am proud to defy outdated and incorrect expectations of what feminists look and act like. I can be serious about women’s rights and flaunt my curves in a swimsuit (or out of one) at the same time. I hope that by doing so, I can help other women that look like me (and even those that don’t) begin to appreciate and love their bodies more. And I want women to know that feminism, as defined by the dictionary, means “the belief that men and women should have equal opportunities”. That’s it. It does not dictate the type of person you are, what you are allowed to do or say or wear, or what magazine you decide to show your ass in." #siswimsuit2017 #feministasfuck #notbackingdown

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Kelly Gale (Suède)

Danielle Herrington (Californie)

Mia Kang (Hong Kong)

Lais Ribeiro (Brésil)

Vita Sidorkina (Russie)

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