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With its videos, pics and continuously updated headlines, LCN le Web is your source for real-time local, national and international news. Direct from the newsroom at LCN (the TVA network's news channel), LCN le Web reporters bring you the top news stories, as well as the best that the TVA and LCN news columnists have to offer. Feature stories, video interviews, stunning photographs, and even a live headline news feed, on a site that is continuously updated. LCN le Web is also 60,000 archived documents (articles, photographs and videos) that you can consult with a few clicks of the mouse. A living memory of current events. LCN le Web, a unique news medium that offers online consumers an opportunity to express their opinions on important issues, to chat with newsmakers online, and to watch the best news footage again and again. LCN le Web: news anytime, anywhere

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